Mermaid Swimming Tails

Our Range Of Mermaid Tails

We offer a full range of bright & colourful Mermaid swimming tails that your children will love. If you’re wanting to experience the life of a mermaid it doesn’t get much closer to this. Our mermaid tails are designed to be comfortable, breathable & most importantly safe. You will most certainly stand out from the rest with our vibrant patterned designs. Once you’re back on land why not wrap up in a warm mermaid tail blankets to match you already mermazing mermaid swimming tail.

How Do You Swim With A Mermaid Tail?

This is a question we get asked quite regularly so I thought it would be great to cover. Mermaids swim in a motion that is similar to a dolphin, think of it as a rolling motion from your head to fin, it’s all In one motion like a wave.

A good way to practise is to try without the monofin or mermaid tail on first as this will help you get the motion need from head to toe. Once you feel a little more confident, you can then try with Bifins or just the monofin on as this will give you a good idea of how it feels swimming with on your feet.

Once you have the mermaid tail applied, I would recommend to get used to it, swim with a floatable kickboard. Upon doing this, it will help to apply the motion needed rolling from chest to toe. If you would like to learn more I would recommend to check out this video by AquaMobile