Our Favourite Mermaid Leggings for all ages

If you are a little obsessed with Mermaids and fashion then you must have a pair of mermaid leggings in your collection. Now leggings are back in fashion since the late 80’s, I wanted to share some of my favourite leggings but with a little mermaid twist. What makes leggings great is they go with all most everything and they are generally the most casual item in any girls wardrobe, maybe because they are just so comfortable. Where as tights just twist and snag at every chance, leggings will just allow you to be comfortable whether your relaxing round the house or doing a spin class.

What To Consider When Buying Mermaid Leggings?

Read Reviews

On some sites, leggings can just come in S, M, L, XL which doesn’t benefit everyone. Reading reviews can help give a great insight to know if they are worth purchasing or whether they would provide the comfort you are after.

Gym Leggings

Since you’re going to be putting a hell of a shift in at the gym my number one tip is to make sure the are comfy, flexible, and are made from a quality fabric. I would always advise spending that little bit more if needed. Make sure the stitching isn’t going to cause any discomfort.
Make sure they are tight, tight fit clothes can help prevent injuries and limit muscle pain.
Sweat – wicking clothes, these clothes extract the moisture from your skin, place it on the fabric, and then allows it to evaporate in the air. Great for those cardio days!


If you are going to be wearing leggings for an everyday piece of clothing, I would recommend to purchase a pair that are made of thick materials so that they are not see through.

Pear Shaped Body

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that they can’t wear what they want because of there weight, everyone should be able to wear what they wish and feel comfortable in themselves, however, if you are conscious of this? I would recommend to a pair of darker coloured leggings, but, I hope you just buy what you like and not what you feel you must. Be confident in yourself!

Ayliss's Fish Scaled Mermaid Leggings

My number one pick is these Ayliss Mermaid Fish scale leggings on Amazon, they come in a range of 5 amazing different colours:

  • Black
  • Colourful 
  • Green
  • Sapphire Blue
  • & Silver

The material is spandex so they will fit most sizes. They stretch but don’t stretch enough that they become see-through.

The sizes are as followed: Asian S=UK 2-6; Asian L=UK 8-10; Asian XXL=UK 12-14

When I ordered a pair of these mermaid leggings I didn’t expect them to look as good as they were in the images. The pattern doesn’t stretch when I put them on. The fabric is nice and thick so they are great for cold days.

I purchased these mermaid leggings to go to a festival and I can say they lasted me brilliant for the three days, even in the rain not once did I feel cold and I stood out from others wearing similar leggings to mine.

These leggings are cheap, come in a great range of colours, fit the majority of sizes, water-resistant as one reviews states

“I bought a pair of these for scuba diving in warm waters. They do the job very well – I’m easy to spot underwater, they dry quickly enough and they are good fun for photos. “

The only problem, if any, is that the waistband was a bit irritating on the inside, but if you wear some high waisted pants you’ll be fine.

Fringoo's Mermaid Leggings

My number two pick is Fringoo’s Mermaid Yoga leggings, they come in just the one colour and design for the mermaid leggings but if mermaids aren’t quite your thing (sure they are if your reading through this) if not, then there is a huge selection to pick from, I’ll pick a few of my personal favourites

  • Comics Girls
  • Jungle Aztec
  • Mandala Black
  • Multicolour Set Unicorn
  • Red Hero
  • Unicorn Wings
  • Exotic Purple Flowers
  • & Workout White Arrows

The mermaid leggings and all the others come in a one size fits all.

I’m 5 foot 9 inches and they fit perfectly. The quality of the fabric is nice and soft against my skin and the poly-lycra fabric means it complements your figure well.

When I purchased these leggings I saw that they were designed for Yoga, Pilates, Running, Spin classes. 

I was quite skeptical since they were one size fits all, but I really can’t complain. The soft material didn’t cause any irritation what so ever and I felt confident wearing them, not something I can say about all leggings I’ve purchased at this price. 

Great all round whether it be circuit training or cleaning around the house, with so many designs it’s hard to pick just one! Has to be the Mermaid leggings for me, however, I’m a bit biased 🙂

If you are looking to buy some as a gift, these would be the ones I would go for.

Belsen's Mermaid Leggings

Number three pick is Belsen’s Mermaid Tail Leggings, I picked these because of the quality of the print, they look amazing and the colour makes you stand out.

The ones I purchased were the Starry Sky and I was so happy with the level of detail and how well they stood out from others that I’ve got.

There are 7 other designs:

  • Blue
  • Flicker
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Silver 
  • Sky Blue
  • Starry Blue

The sizes come in S, M, L, XL which I agree isn’t the most helpful so I’ve managed to find a size chart:


S: Waist: 58 Hip: 66 pants length 92

M: Waist: 61 Hip: 70 pants length 92

L: Waist: 64 Hip: 74 pants length 94

XL:Waist: 67 Hip: 78 pants length 94

I got these for a fancy dress party and I’ll be honest, they aren’t the comfiest leggings I’ve owned, in fact the Fringoo’s Mermaid leggings above are a lot comfier but the design and the mermaid fins on the side are what really persuaded me to buy them.

If you’re looking for a pair of mermaid leggings for a fancy dress and you want them to stand out, these are a great buy due to the level of detail and price.

Faithtur's Baby Mermaid Leggings

You don’t have to be an adult to get your hands on some mermaid leggings, these adorable leggings will be adored by your daughter.

They are suitable for children aged from 6 months to 4 years, cotton blended, and very comfortable and soft.

I purchased a pair of these for my 2-year-old niece and she looked amazing, the colour looks the same as they do in the photo and the shine is lovely.

The only thing I will say about these mermaid leggings is that after a few washes they will begin to fade, luckily they are cheap so you can stock up.

TFJH Baby - Kids Mermaid Leggings

I’ve picked these mermaid leggings as the colour really stands out. 

They come in 

  • Colour
  • & Multicolour

I purchased a pair of the multicolor leggings for my daughter for a Halloween party, she loved the way they look and found them surprisingly comfortable to wear.

I did see in the reviews that some kids were wearing these for gymnastics, judging by the material, I felt they wouldn’t be the comfiest for any physical activity.

However, if your wishing to buy for parties or wearing from time to time they are great.

The sizes are as below to give you a better indication:

3-4Y – 43cm/16.9 – 59cm/23.2

4-5Y – 45cm/17.7 – 64cm/25.2

5-6Y – 47cm/18.5 – 68cm/26.8

7-8Y – 49cm/19.3 – 74cm/29.1

9-10Y – 51cm/20.1 – 79cm/31.1

10-11Y – 54cm/21.3 – 83cm/32.7

I think for the price these are a great buy, will they last the longest, maybe not, but for under £6.00 and if they need it for fancy dress you can’t go wrong. 

I’m confident your little one will love the mermaid design and colours. If not, i’m sure they will love the selection of some of the mermaid toys we have in stock.


I’ve picked the mermaid leggings you can see above as these are ones I have had experience with myself. If you have had a pair yourself which you’ve loved, please let me know in the comments and I’ll get them added. If your child is wanting to take their mermaid experiences further, why not have a look at our selection of mermaid tail blankets or mermaid tails for swimming

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